Light Rigid Truck

Two axles and a gross vehicle mass of more than 4.5 tonnes and up to 8 tonnes.

Light Rigid Truck

Upgrade your licence to benefit from greater flexibility and opportunities for employment and diversity within your career.


To apply for a light rigid (LR) licence you must meet all of the following:

  • Hold a Northern Territory (NT) drivers licence
  • Have held a class C driver licence for at least 12 months
  • Pass a Heavy Rigid vehicle theory test at an MVR office
  • Pass a competency test with an authorised heavy vehicle driving examiner
  • You must be able to drive a manual vehicle.

Heavy Rigid Theory Test

To obtain your Light Rigid Licence (LR) you need to successfully pass a Heavy Rigid Theory Test at any Northern Territory Motor Vehicle Registry Office.

The theory test has 30 questions selected randomly from a question bank containing over 250 questions.

You must score a minimum of 26 out of 30, to successfully pass the theory test.

The test confirms your knowledge of the following:

  • General road rules that apply to all drivers
  • Specific rules that apply to heavy vehicle drivers
  • Vehicle dimensions that apply to heavy vehicles
  • How to safely secure a load
  • Tyres, wheels and axle load limits for standard heavy vehicle configurations
  • Rules that apply to heavy vehicle drivers in other jurisdictions.


A great way to prepare for the knowledge test is to revise the following documents closely;

The NT Heavy Vehicle Drivers’ Handbook

The NT Road Users’ Handbook

The Load Restraint Guide

Online Practice Knowledge Test


Your practical training will take place in an LR vehicle that is loaded to 75% of its GVM.

You will learn how to operate the vehicle safely and efficiently in a variety of real world traffic conditions and situations.


Your assessment will be recorded and conducted over a minimum of 90 minutes of practical driving.

Light Rigid Truck

Price: $525

Lessons per package: 1


  • Professionally Structured Curriculum
  • Flexible Online Scheduling
  • SMS Text and Email Reminders
  • Pick Up and Drop Off
  • Training (Up to four hours)
  • Assessment (90 minutes)
  • Truck
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