Passport 2 Drive - A partnership between the Multi-Cultural Council NT and In Gear Australia

New migrants to Australia are getting the chance to obtain their full Australian Drivers licence with In Gear Australia and the Multi-Cultural Council NT.

Working in partnership with the the Multi-Cultural Council of the Northern Territory (MCNT), In Gear Australia has designed, developed and are delivering professional driver education programs for migrants who have recently arrived in Australia.

The programs have been designed by experienced and qualified teachers and government accredited Driving Instructors. They include qualified interpreters to assist migrants in their own language to understand the knowledge needed to obtain their Learners Driving Licence.

Once their Learner Licence has been obtained, they are provided a number of professional driving lessons. Each lesson is tailored to their own learning requirements to provide them the practical skills, knowledge and experience they need to meet the requirements of obtaining an Australian Driving Licence.

MCNT chief executive Joe Deluca said it was important for new residents to Australia to gain independence through driving.

“It empowers them in terms of driving skills and safety, but it also gives them another set of tools as part of their CV, where driving is a requirement. All these skills help them ­towards getting jobs and driving safely in Australia,” he said.

Since commencement, the Passport 2 Drive program has been instrumental in helping hundreds of people from migrant and refugee backgrounds achieve their Australia drivers licence. This has led to greater economic participation and enhanced social inclusion within Australia.