In Gear Australia and Peoples Choice Credit Union partner for young Australians

Its a fact - road accidents are the leading cause of fatalities for young Australians.

There’s enough trouble in the world, without the added burden of avoidable road tragedies.

So, In Gear Australia and Peoples Choice Credit Union have joined forces in the Northern Territory to design and deliver a high quality, evidence based defensive driver program for young Australians.

Not some namby pamby classroom based course.

But a program that gets them behind the wheel (Mini Coopers of course) in real world situations and provides them with solid practical skills and the attitude needed to remain safe when driving on their own or with their peer group.

We believe that with the right skills, knowledge and attitudes, our newest generation of road users will display the maturity to remain safe - now thats worth something.

Best of all, Peoples Choice Credit Union members get 15% discount - regardless of their age!

For more information and to book, visit: Alive at 25.