Learner Theory

Develop core knowledge for a lifetime of smarter, safer driving

Learner Theory


This course provides students with the core knowledge they will require to prepare them to undertake the learner theory test at the Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR).


Four Hours


Students must be a minimum of 16 years of age.

Course Content

Key learning topics include:

  • The Process of Obtaining a Drivers Licence
  • Duty of Care
  • Road Safety
  • Safe Driving Behaviours and Attitudes
  • General Road Rules
  • Traffic Signals and Road Signs
  • Miscellaneous Road Rules
  • Road Rules for Other Users
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Penalties for Traffic Infringements.
Training and Assessment

‚ÄčLearner theory is delivered in a structured classroom session.

Students participate in interactive activities designed to build confidence and knowledge of Road Rules and Road Safety.

Training is delivered using a mix of presentations, videos, oral discussion and written activities.

Students undertake a formal written and oral assessment at the end of the course.

In Gear Australia uses assessments containing questions consistent with the Motor Vehicle Registry’s (MVR) learner theory assessments.


Students will obtain the required knowledge to pass their formal learners theory test at an MVR testing centre.

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Learner Theory

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