Learn to Drive Program

Setting the standard for driver education in Australia

Learn to Drive Program


Providing learner drivers with the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to obtain their provisional licence and remain safe on Australian roads.

Exceed the high expectations of Australian parents for a professionally delivered, high quality comprehensive learner driver program for the next generation of young Australians on our roads.


Delivered over a minimum of six months.


A current valid Australian learners licence.

Course Content

Stage 1 - Building a strong foundation

Getting the basics right; ten separate skills to learn including pre-vehicle inspections, start up, moving off and stopping, changing gears, mirrors, steering, hill starts and even reverse parallel parking amongst others.

Stage 2 - Mastering traffic skills

Starting with exposure to simple traffic and gradually more complex traffic situations, including roundabouts, U-turns and peak hour freeways, drivers learn to master all traffic laws, speed signs and road markings into everyday driving.

Stage 3 - Implementing low risk driving techniques

During this stage learners practice critical low risk driving techniques including correct road position, speed management, emergency braking, crash avoidance space, vehicle handling, managing vehicle blind spots and the management of potential and existing road hazards and driving situations.

Stage 4 - Building confidence and independence through experience

The stage consolidates existing learning and challenges the learner with new skills like changing tyres and challenging driving environments, including sunrise/sunset and night driving, country driving and other adverse conditions.

Training and Assessment

Practical training occurs through structured individual practical driving lessons.

Each driving lesson is structured to the individual needs of the learner whilst adhering to the program framework.

Supplementary resources are provided to complement and enhance the structured practical training.

These resources provide learners with valuable additional information, to improve and create positive attitudes and safe driver behaviours in young drivers.

Assessment is ongoing and cumulative throughout the program, performed through observations, demonstrations and verbal questions.

Student progress is detailed using In Gear Australia’s visual reports, emailed to the student after each lesson.

Students and parents receive detailed feedback on their technical driving abilities as well as their attitudes and behaviours towards road safety.


‚ÄčLearners will be able to:

  • Pass their practical driving assessment with the MVR
  • Demonstrate practical defensive driving skills
  • Demonstrate confidence when driving at night
  • Demonstrate how to perform a vehicle pre-start check
  • Demonstrate how to check and inflate for correct tyre pressure
  • Demonstrate the confidence and maturity required to drive a vehicle safely and independently.

What our clients say

"Instructors were cool - easy to get along with and patient"

Jonah GB

"Instructor turns up on time, every time - perfect!"

Molly H

"The student materials provided were great - lots of extra relevant information"

Jack M

"Hot car - really, its a hot car"

Melissa S

"Great reports - so much more than I expected"

Benjamin B
Learn to Drive Program

Price: $990.00

Lessons per package: 12


  • Professionally Structured Curriculum
  • High Quality Learner Resources
  • Individual Practical Lessons
  • Flexible Online Scheduling
  • SMS Text and Email Lesson Reminders
  • In Gear Australia Comprehensive Reporting
  • Pick up and Drop Off
  • Vehicle Hire for Practical Test
  • Service Guarantee
  • MVR Test Fee
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