Learn to Drive Plus Program

Our Learn to Drive Plus Program gives you more than a pass on a driving test.

Learn to Drive Plus Program

Why choose Plus?

The research is clear.

The most dangerous time for young drivers is not when they are actually learning to drive, it is once they have their provisional license and are driving unsupervised with their peers.

Australian’s under the age of 25 are at the greatest risk of dying in a road accident.


Our Learn to Drive Plus Program is the market-leading program designed to meet the high expectations of parents and guardians who are serious about developing life-long safer driving skills in their loved ones.

Participants who enroll and complete our Learn to Drive Plus program are the next generation of Australian smarter, safer drivers.


Twelve Months.


A current valid Australian learners licence.

Course Content

As per - Learn to Drive

  • Stage 1 - Building a strong foundation
  • Stage 2 - Mastering traffic skills
  • Stage 3 - Implementing low risk driving techniques
  • Stage 4 - Building confidence and independence through experience


An advanced defensive driver training short course.

Delivered between two and three months after obtaining their Provisional license, our defensive driver refresher program is based on national training standards and will correct unsafe driving practices, behaviours and attitudes that may have developed since new drivers have obtained their provisional licence.

Delivered in small groups, this program is highly practical and targets the identification and rectification of unsafe driving behaviors that provisional drivers may have developed, as well as other more advanced defensive driving techniques including, commentary drives and emergency braking.


Tune Up - your skills health check at your 12 month anniversary.

In Gear Australia will provide a follow up skills and knowledge health check on the 12 month anniversary of commencing your training.

An individual one on one practical consultation with our Instructors will ensure your skills and knowledge remain current.

A corrective action report is provided, detailing your health check results.

Training and Assessment

Practical training occurs through structured individual practical driving lessons.

Each driving lesson is structured to the individual needs of the learner whilst adhering to the program framework.

Supplementary resources are provided to complement and enhance the structured practical training.

These resources provide learners with valuable additional information, to improve and create positive attitudes and safe driver behaviours in young drivers.

Assessment is ongoing and cumulative throughout the program, performed through observations, demonstrations and verbal questions.

Student progress is detailed using In Gear Australia’s visual reports, emailed to the student after each lesson.

Students and parents receive detailed feedback on their technical driving abilities as well as their attitudes and behaviours towards road safety.


​In addition to the outcomes in our Learn to Drive Program, learners will be able to:

  • Identify their own poor driving behaviours
  • Handle peer pressure when driving with friends
  • Recognise the warning signs of fatigue and how to manage fatigue
  • Identify, recognise and correct unsafe driving behaviours or attitudes
  • Perform a commentary drive
  • Complete an emergency braking manoeuvre
  • Demonstrate collision avoidance techniques
  • Demonstrate a number of practical defensive driving techniques.

What our clients say

"Have to say I wasn't expecting such a neat ride for a driving instructor car."

Peter W

"Loved the online booking system - how easy is that..."

Clare R

"After my son got his P's, the additional defensive driving course he did was fantastic. All included in the package - excellent value."

Samuel C.

"Great program for parents who want their kids to develop safe driving behaviours and not just pass a test. All my kids will do this course."

Maria L
Learn to Drive Plus Program

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Lessons per package: 15


  • Professionally Structured Curriculum
  • High Quality Learner Resources
  • Online Skills Self-Checks
  • Individual Practical Lessons
  • Flexible Online Scheduling
  • SMS Text and Email Lesson Reminders
  • Comprehensive In Gear Reporting
  • Pick up and Drop Off
  • Vehicle Hire for Practical Test
  • Service Guarantee
  • MVR Test Fee
  • MVR Licence Fee
  • Advanced Driver Training Classes for Provisional License Holders
  • Individual Corrective Actions Report
  • Tune Up - 12 Month Anniversary Skills Health Check
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