Corporate Driving Assessments

Ensuring your staff are equipped to drive on our roads makes more than just good business sense

Corporate Driving Assessments

Duty of Care

Road accidents at work are the largest cause of fatalities and injury in our workplaces.

Ensuring your employees have the correct skills, knowledge and attitudes are essential to minimising the risk associated with road accidents at work.

Holding a current drivers licence, does not in itself mean that a driver is competent to drive.

Ensuring a safe workplace for all employees is a requirement of all employers under current OH&S legislation.

Through the provision of an independent driving assessment, employers can demonstrate a systematic approach to managing the risk associated with workplace driving.

In Gear Australia provides an independent and objective corporate driving assessment service for employers across all industries.

Upon completion, clients receive a detailed comprehensive report which includes observations against defined criteria:

  • Vehicle Control Skills
  • Defensive Driver Techniques
  • Driver Behaviours and Attitudes
  • Defensive Driving Strategies
  • Emergency Braking
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Observation and Positioning
  • Planning, Hazards and Response
  • Continuous Improvements Required
Corporate Driving Assessments

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Lessons per package: 1


  • Pre-Assessment Briefing
  • Road Rules Theory Test
  • Practical Driving Assessment
  • Post Assessment Briefing
  • Detailed Independent Report with Recommendations
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